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There are a number of volunteer and sponsored climate crisis groups in New Mexico.

Organization Some Current Focus/Initiatives Primary Contact
350 New Mexico

  • Keep it in the ground with a Just Transition
  • Build a new more equitable zero carbon economy
  • Pressure governments into limiting emissions
  • Build our movement and grow 350NM
Tom Solomon
Citizen's Climate Lobby Santa Fe

Promote and implement Carbon Pricing / Fee and Dividends on fossil fuel usage. Paul Biderman
Climate Advocates Voces Unidas, CAVU

  • Methane emissions
  • Wildlife
  • Climate
Atherton Phleger
Climate Change Leadership Institute

  • Direct Action
  • Seed Grants
Robb Hirsh
Climate Reality Project – NNM

Promoting public education on climate crisis – talks/presentations available. WCS contributor Julia Ying/ William M. Brown

  • Promote and implement Carbon Pricing / Fee and Dividends on fossil fuel usage.
Noa Dalzell
Conservation Voters of NM

(LCV local chapter)

  • Methane capture rules
  • Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal settlement
  • Gila Diversion
Demis Foster, ED
Earth Care NM

Support, sponsor
  • Sustainability Education
  • Youth Organizing/YUCCA sponsors
  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strike
Bianca Sopoci-Belknap
Environment New Mexico


  • Broad environmental activities
  • Solar power
Sanders Moore
Global Warming Emergency

  • Think Tank program for kids 8-12
  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strike
Genie Stevens
New Energy Economy

  • Monitor PNM/PRC management and cost control
  • State and Community ownership of energy utilities (Public Power)
  • Community solar power
  • Local Choice Energy (aka Community Choice Aggregation)
Mariel Nanasi
NM Healthy Soil Working Group

  • Accelerate soil health
Robb Hirsch, Isabelle Jenniches
Retake Our Democracy

  • Determine climate action bills etc. for the NM Legislature
  • Many social justice issues
Paul Gibson
Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter

  • Develop rules for Methane emissions, oppose Chaco Canyon Fracking, Sandoval County Fracking
Camila Feibelman
Sunrise Movement Santa Fe

  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strike
  • Green New Deal
Craig O’Hare (?)
UUSF Environmental Justice Team

See entry on:

Provide public education on a broad environmental basis. Jean Darling, Munro Sickafoose

Organizing local Climate Strike action for Santa Fe. Artemisio Romero Y Carver
Extinction Rebellion
  • Direct Action
  • Guerilla Gardening
  • Mini-forests
  • Regenerative Agriculture
Daniel Borrero