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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor of print and online media is reported to bring messaging to a wide audience beyond just the environmental movement. Some publications accept more in depth submissions. For example, the Santa Fe New Mexican will publish longer pieces under 'My View'.

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter has prepared recommendations on How to Write a Letter to the Editor.

See Print Media in NM for contact information.

Courses and Classes

A wide variety of teaching materials are available.

Teach About Climate Change with these Graphs - New York Times - Michael Gonchar - Feb 28, 2019

There are many initiatives to bring climate crisis into school curricula.

Our Clmate Our Future - a project of the Alliance for Climate Education
Curriculum Suite - Climate Generation, a Will Steger Legacy.
High School Curriculum - Stanford University, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences
Integrating Climate Change in Education at Primary andSecondary Level - United Nations Institute for Training and Research - 2013

350 Santa Fe Chapter

As part of our education programs, the 350 Santa Fe chapter offers:

  • monthly meetings
  • quarterly newsletters
  • weekly digests
  • workshops (planned)

Interactive exercises using computer models of the impact of policies and energy scenarios on global temperatures in 2100 bring a strong message to participants. Our Climate Action Simulations Team is also working towards offering workshops using En-ROADS model from

350 New Mexico

350 New Mexico has collected and identified a wide variety of educational materials and resources:

  • Education Resources
  • Teaching Climate Change
  • Lessons
  • Visualizing Climate Change
  • New Mexico Resources
  • Youth Activism
  • Documentaries and Videos
  • Podcasts


Approximately, each month, ClimateXchange explores a climate crisis topic in depth, bringing in experts and pushing forward the conversation. Topics are available in their webinar archive.

State Climate Policy Network Webinar Archive

Recent topics covered include:

  • Green Infrastructure
  • Climate Risk to Financial Systems
  • Pricing Carbon In Canada
  • Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector
  • Natural Climate Solutions: The Role of Agriculture and Carbon Capture in the Transition
  • Cities Confronting the Climate Crisis
  • Why Carbon Pricing is a Public Health Issue
  • Communicating the Climate Crisis
  • Governors Leading the way on Climate Action
  • with 8 more from 2019

ClimateXchange changed the name of their State Climate Policy Network (SCPN) from State Carbon Pricing Network in late 2020.