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350 Santa Fe Projects - Getting involved!

Monthly Meetings

Our regularly scheduled public monthly meetings are held at 10 am on the second Saturday of the month. Generally, the agenda each month includes a review of progress to report from any of our sub-teams, a short introduction by a representative of an invited guest organization and a presentation from an invited guest speaker.

Core Team

The management of the 350 Santa Fe Chapter is handled by a core group of seven volunteers. Each member of the team is also a facilitator of one of the sub-teams. Our regularly scheduled Core Team meetings are held biweekly, email us at 350santafe.info@gmail.com for more information.

350 Santa Fe Projects

  • 350 Santa Fe Positive Public Education - As part of our education programs, the 350 Santa Fe chapter offers: Monthly meetings, quarterly newsletters (planned), weekly news digests and workshops (planned). You can also join the 350 Santa Fe Communications Team and be part of the action!
  • Santa Fe Urban Farming Program - 350 Santa Fe and SF Xtinction Rebellion are developing an urban farming program to help Santa Fe Residents build sustainable, carbon sequestering urban gardens and farms.