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There are a number of volunteer and sponsored climate crisis groups in New Mexico.

Organization Some Current Focus/Initiatives Primary Contact
350 New Mexico

  • Keep it in the ground with a Just Transition
  • Build a new more equitable zero carbon economy
  • Pressure governments into limiting emissions
  • Build our movement and grow 350NM

(350 Santa Fe is collaborating on their Drawdown Vision and education activities and programs)

Tom Solomon
Citizen's Climate Lobby Santa Fe

Promote and implement Carbon Pricing / Fee and Dividends on fossil fuel usage. Paul Biderman
Climate Advocates Voces Unidas, CAVU

  • Methane emissions
  • Wildlife
  • Climate
Atherton Phleger
Climate Change Leadership Institute

  • Direct Action
  • Seed Grants
Robb Hirsh
Climate Reality Project – NNM

Promoting public education on climate crisis – talks/presentations available. WCS contributor Julia Ying/ William M. Brown

  • Promote and implement Carbon Pricing / Fee and Dividends on fossil fuel usage.
Noa Dalzell
Conservation Voters of NM

(LCV local chapter)

  • Methane capture rules
  • Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal settlement
  • Gila Diversion
Demis Foster, ED
Earth Care NM

Support, sponsor
  • Sustainability Education
  • Youth Organizing/YUCCA sponsors
  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strikeq
Bianca Sopoci-Belknap
Environment New Mexico


  • Broad environmental activities
  • Solar power
Sanders Moore
Global Warming Emergency

  • Think Tank program for kids 8-12
  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strike
Genie Stevens
New Energy Economy

  • Monitor PNM/PRC management and cost control
  • Just transition from fossil fuels
  • Community solar power
  • Local Choice Energy (aka Community Choice Aggregation)
Mariel Nanasi
NM Healthy Soil Working Group

  • Accelerate soil health
Robb Hirsch, Isabella Jenniches
Retake Our Democracy: Climate Action Team

(no special page)

Determine climate action bills etc. for the NM Legislature Sharon Shoemaker
Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter

Develop rules for Methane emissions, oppose Chaco Canyon Fracking, Sandoval County Fracking Camila Feibelman
Sunrise Movement Santa Fe

  • ‘Kids’: Global Climate Strike
  • Green New Deal
Craig O’Hare (?)

See entry on:

Provide public education on a broad environmental basis. Jean Darling, Munro Sickafoose

Organizing local Climate Strike action for Santa Fe. Artemisio Romero Y Carver
Xtinction Rebellion
  • Direct Action
  • Guerilla Gardening
  • Regenerative Agriculture
Daniel Borrero