Bravo Dome & Pipeline

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The Bravo Dome

Bravo Pipeline.png

Bravo Dome is a 99% pure natural carbon source field located in northeastern New Mexico, operated primarily by Occidental. The carbon produced there is crucial for oil drilling as an injectant for CO2 enhanced oil recovery in Texas' Permian Basin and the Postle Oil Field in Oklahoma both of which are fields in which CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for wishfully thinking Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage takes place.

The Bravo Dome is one of the five major producing Natural CO2 Source Fields in the United States and is 1.17 million acres in size, as well as 8% federal land and 27% state land.

The Bravo CO2 Pipeline

The Bravo Dome carbon is sent via the 218-mile Bravo Pipeline to Texas' Permian Basin and via the 120-mile Transpetco/Bravo Pipeline to the Postle Oil Field located near Guymon, Oklahoma on the state's panhandle. From there, the produced carbon is injected under the ground to free up an additional 8-20% of oil. CO2 EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) is also sometimes called "carbon flooding" or "tertiary recovery."