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Rural Electric Cooperative Members of NMRECA

Power generation and distribution in New Mexico involves a large number of actors, from PNM, the PRC and many rural cooperatives.


As of August 19, 2019 members were:

Central New Mexico Electric
Central Valley Electric
Columbus Electric
Continental Divide Electric
Farmers' Electric
Lea County Electric
Mora-San Miguel Electric
Northern Río Arriba Electric
Otero County Electric
Roosevelt County Electric
Sierra Electric
Socorro Electric
Southwestern Electric
Springer Electric

Each coop is located:

NM Coop Map.png

Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperatives

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative

Electric Distribution  Associate Member Cooperatives

Duncan Valley Electric
Navopache Electric
Rio Grande Electric 

More information on America’s electric cooperatives see:


Electric cooperatives

Electric cooperatives are:

  • Private, independent, non-profit electric utility businesses
  • Owned by the customers they serve
  • Incorporated under the laws of the states in which they operate
  • Established to provide at cost electric service
  • Governed by a board of directors elected from the membership which sets policies and procedures that are implemented by the cooperatives’ management

Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation is an alternative to the investor owned utility energy supply system in which local entities in the United States aggregate the buying power of individual customers within a defined jurisdiction in order to secure alternative energy supply contracts. (Wikipedia)