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The following list includes New Mexico environmental organizations with a variety of priorities, where known, shown under 'Categories'. The Platform/Position information is largely taken from the organization's website beginning in 2019. The Scope column shows any geographical focus.

No Organization / Initiative Name Categories URL Platform/Position Scope
1 Chama Peak Land Alliance Wildlife habitat https://chamapeak.org/ “The Chama Peak Land Alliance is a diverse group of conservation-minded landowners committed to embracing, practicing, and sharing responsible land, water and wildlife stewardship in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico for the benefit of our tri-cultural heritage and for generations to come.” Chama Area
2 350 New Mexico Clean Energy, Global Warming https://350newmexico.org/ “We are building an inclusive movement in New Mexico to prevent the worst effects of climate change and climate injustice. Ordinary New Mexicans are standing up to the fossil fuel industry and driving a just transition to renewable energy for all – join us!”Site also has an extensive list of allies.“We are building an inclusive movement in New Mexico to prevent the worst effects of climate change and climate injustice. Ordinary New Mexicans are standing up to the fossil fuel industry and driving a just transition to renewable energy for all – join us!”Site also has an extensive list of allies. New Mexico
3 Albuquerque Climate Coalition (13 listed here) http://www.jasonmarks.com/abqclimateaction/ No statement of position yet (6/14/19)Note additional non-environmental member organizations may not be listed here. New Mexico
4 Amigos Bravos Water https://amigosbravos.org/ “Formed in 1988, Amigos Bravos is a statewide water conservation organization guided by social justice principles and dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s water and the communities that depend on it. While rooted in science and the law, our work is inspired by the values and traditional knowledge of New Mexico’s diverse Hispanic and Native American land-based populations, with whom we collaborate.” New Mexico
5 Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico Animal Rights http://www.apvnm.org/ “Animal Protection Voters (APV) was formed in October 2002 in New Mexico. One important tool that can be used to reduce animal suffering is passing laws that better protect animals. In order to pass local, state and federal laws, it’s necessary to build a force that our lawmakers cannot ignore. That is why we are here.” New Mexico
6 Audubon New Mexico Wildlife habitat http://nm.audubon.org/ To conserve and restore natural ecosystems focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. The Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society serves communities in four counties;Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Glenwood, Cliff, Reserve, the Mimbres Valley, and the Gila National Forest. New Mexico
7 Audubon New Mexico – Central Chapter Wildlife habitat http://cnmas.newmexicoaudubon.org/ New Mexico
8 Audubon New Mexico – Southwest Chapter Wildlife habitat https://www.swnmaudubon.org/ To conserve and restore natural ecosystems focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity New Mexico
9 Climate Advocates Voces Unidas (CAVU) https://cavu.org/ “Our mission is to educate, engage and empower individuals, communities, and leaders to take ownership of and action on climate-related issues in their communities through a multifaceted process using media, scientific research and advocacy tools. In 10 years, CAVU hopes to be at the forefront of a movement that has effectively solved the climate crisis by fundamentally shifting our society’s relationship to the natural world.” New Mexico
10 Climate Change Leadership Institute http://takeresponsibility.us/ “The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) is a non profit organization dedicated to phasing out greenhouse gas emissions & empowering community thru the ethics of conservation, the adoption of clean energy and the act of taking responsibility as a civil society. To these ends, we offer direct action projects & seed grants, paid student internships, ecology education, climate action events and integrity oriented environmental stewardship initiatives.” New Mexico
11 Climate Reality Project – Northern New Mexico Chapter Global Warming https://www.climaterealitynnm.org/ “Founded in January 2019, the Northern New Mexico Chapter has become a home base for Climate Reality Leaders and other climate activists in Northern New Mexico, including Albuquerque. Our members bring together a wealth of diverse expertise and activism skills on climate issues and solutions to transition New Mexico towards a sustainable and equitable future.We are united by our passion and determination to work with community members and policy makers to ensure New Mexico will be a leader in reducing greenhouse gases, transitioning to renewable sources of energy, and meeting the standards set by the Paris Climate Agreement of 2016 and the IPCC report of October 2018.” New Mexico
12 Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy (7 listed here) Clean Energy https://ccaenm.org/ “CCAE uses strategic advocacy, scientific analysis, and grassroots organizing to advance clean energy policy and programs.”Claims some important members: 350.orgCenter for Advancing Sustainable ArchitectureEnvironment New MexicoNatural Resources Defense CouncilNew Mexico Public Interest Research GroupPartnership for Responsible BusinessRio Grande Chapter of the Sierra ClubSouthwest Energy Efficiency ProjectSouthwest Research and Information CenterUnion of Concerned ScientistsWestern Environmental Law CenterWestern Resource Advocates“ New Mexico
13 Common Ground Rising fracking http://commongroundrising.org/ Background: "Due to the threats from the corporate enterprises that pose a taking of water and air on the communities in Sandoval County, the State of New Mexico and our Nation, we formed this organization. Currently, over 32 states and numerous communities across the nation are being threatened by the unfettered unconventional mining practices, numerous rusting and aged pipelines posing public health and safety threats. We are committed to the social justice issues that fracking brings to our communities in the Rio Grande Valley." New Mexico
14 Conservation Voters of New Mexico (CVNM) https://www.cvnm.org/ The NM arm of LCV.org. “Connecting the people of New Mexico to their political power to protect our air, land and water for a healthy Land of Enchantment. We do this by mobilizing voters, winning elections, holding elected officials accountable and advancing responsible public policies.”The NM arm of LCV.org. “Connecting the people of New Mexico to their political power to protect our air, land and water for a healthy Land of Enchantment. We do this by mobilizing voters, winning elections, holding elected officials accountable and advancing responsible public policies. New Mexico
15 CVNM Education Fund https://cvnmef.org/ “Protecting our environment starts with the people of New Mexico. Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund helps people make real changes in their communities by protecting and improving the quality of their water, air, neighborhoods, farmlands and wildlife. We work to give citizens the knowledge and skills they need to be effective advocates for conservation.” New Mexico
16 Earth Care New Mexico https://www.earthcarenm.org/ To educate and empower youth to create healthy, just and sustainable communities. Works locally with the Sunrise Movement. New Mexico
17 Environment New Mexico Clean energy, clean air, clean water, wilderness, global warming https://environmentnewmexico.org/ “Environment New Mexico is a citizen-based environmental advocacy project of Environment America. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for New Mexico’s environment. Environment New Mexico draws on over 30 years of success in tackling our state's top environmental problems.”Membership list not found. New Mexico
18 Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center https://environmentnewmexicocenter.org/ “Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are dedicated to protecting our air, water and open spaces. We investigate problems, craft solutions, educate the public and decision-makers, and help the public make their voices heard in local, state and national debates over the quality of our environment and our lives.” New Mexico
19 Environmental Alliance of New Mexico (27 listed here) https://cvnmef.org/environmental-alliance-of-new-mexico/ Mission: “a coalition of over two dozen conservation groups working collaboratively to elevate environmental issues at the New Mexico State Legislature. The mission of the alliance is to convey a unified front to decision-makers about the legislative priorities of the environmental community in New Mexico.”Note additional non-environmental member organizations may not be listed here. New Mexico
20 Global Warming Express|Emergency https://theglobalwarmingexpress.org/ “To educate children in the areas of science, climate literacy and sustainability and to facilitate opportunities for children and youth to use their voices through the visual, performance and public speaking arts, in order to catalyze a world which supports them fully.”Partnered with the Sierra ClubFocuses on ages 8-12“ New Mexico
21 Holistic Management International Regenerative Agriculture https://holisticmanagement.org/ Our Mission is to envision and realize healthy, resilient lands and thriving communities by serving people in the practice of Holistic Decision Making & Management. International
22 Methane Matters NM Methane https://methanemattersnm.org/ Holding page for petition to the Governor. Sponsored by cave.org (included) New Mexico
23 Microgrid Systems Lab https://microgridsystemslab.com/ "A collaborative effort by a range of global leaders in electricity delivery, R&D, manufacturing, standards, education, regulation, and systems integration, MSL’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable energy system worldwide. This applies to grid modernization in the industrialized world; to alleviating “energy poverty” in the emerging economies; and to finding synergies between the two approaches through a process of reciprocal innovation. MSL is a not-for-profit, pre-competitive innovation consortium, whose scope spans Research, Innovation, Demonstration, and Education (RIDE)." New Mexico
24 Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment https://swuraniumimpacts.org/ “MASE is rooted in the experiences of uranium-impacted communities of the southwestern U.S. We are communities working to restore and protect the natural and cultural environment through respectfully promoting intercultural engagement among communities and institutions for the benefit of all life and future generations.” New Mexico
25 New Energy Economy Clean Energy http://www.newenergyeconomy.org/ “New Energy Economy (NEE) was founded in 2003 to build a carbon-free energy future for our health and the environment. New Energy Economy employs public education, community organizing, targeted litigation methods, and model solar energy projects to shift our energy economy from fossil fuel and nuclear extraction to clean alternatives in pursuit of environmental justice and human and environmental health. NEE received the 2012 Sustainable Santa Fe Award in Renewable Energy for its Sol Not Coal Project, the Santa Fe Community Foundation's prestigious VISIONARY LEADER award in 2013, and the Sustainable Santa Fe Award in Public Policy Advocacy in 2014. New Energy Economy is an IRS recognized 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. New Energy Economy is led by experts in public policy litigation and advocacy, community organizing, and sustainable economic and community development.” New Mexico
26 New Mexico Climate Action https://newmexicoclimateaction.org/ Seems to be a clearing house for environmental news. No organizational or ownership information is provided.“This site is updated regularly, so please check back often for updated events and new activities and for information on a wide variety of current environment and climate related articles that are relevant to New Mexico. New Mexico
27 New Mexico Climate Coalition Managed by Sierra Club Rio Grande chapter. New Mexico
28 New Mexico Environmental Law Center https://nmelc.org/ “Our mission is to protectNew Mexico's communities and their air, land and water in the fight for environmental justice.” New Mexico
29 New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce http://www.nmgreenchamber.com/ Mission: “The Green Chamber of Commerce Chapters in New Mexico create new opportunities for business by advocating for the strengthening local economies, seizing the green business advantage, and renewable energy. Our members believe in investing in people, protecting our air, land and water, and creating long-term profits. We are where profits and values meet.” New Mexico
30 New Mexico Healthy Soils Working Group https://www.nmhealthysoil.org/ "The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is assembling a powerful network of agriculture and conservation organizations, urban and rural residents, consumers and producers alike, with the goal to significantly accelerate soil health stewardship in the state. We aim to catalyze widespread adoption of management principles that result in greater soil health and associated co-benefits, creating prosperous and strong land based communities, nutritious food, a healthy environment and a viable future for our planet." New Mexico
31 New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light http://www.nm-ipl.org/ Mission: “New Mexico Interfaith Power & Light works for climate justice by mobilizing faith communities, faith leaders and people of faith to reduce the causes and consequences of global climate change through inspiration, education, outreach, implementation of sustainable practices and advocating effective climate protection policies. Our core belief is that the active care of the natural world is integral to spiritual life and social justice.”Rabbi Neil Amswych (Temple Beth Shalom) is on their Advisory Board New Mexico
32 New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science http://www.nmnaturalhistory.org/ “The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science preserves and interprets the distinctive natural and scientific heritage of our state through our extraordinary collections, research, exhibits and programs designed to ignite a passion for lifelong learning.” New Mexico
33 New Mexico Natural History Institute Unknown To promote knowledge and conservation of the state's biological communities New Mexico
34 New Mexico Recycling Coalition https://www.recyclenewmexico.com/ To lead New Mexico to value waste as a resource New Mexico
35 New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance Water https://nmwca.org/ Dedicated to water conservation issues. Individuals from municipal, industrial, institutional, and commercial sectors have... New Mexico
36 New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Wilderness https://www.nmwild.org/ … exclusively dedicated to protecting wilderness... New Mexico
37 ReNewMexico Renewable Energy https://renewmexico.org/ "ReNew Mexico is a coalition of community organizations, stakeholders, public officials, and residents that are passionate about creating a renewable energy future in New Mexico. At ReNew Mexico, we don’t just talk about solutions to our state’s climate and economic challenges. We actively work to make renewable energy development a reality by using our collective voice to get projects approved, based on our belief that we impact our economic and environmental future most directly and urgently this way." New Mexico
38 Rio Grande Restoration Water http://www.riogranderestoration.org/ Website offline (down) as of June 13, 2019.To return the Rio Grande to health by providing an improved flow regime of high quality water.Website offline (down) as of June 13, 2019.To return the Rio Grande to health by providing an improved flow regime of high quality water. New Mexico
39 River Source Water https://riversource.net/ To provide watershed science and policy education, planning, monitoring, ecological restoration and methods for adapting to climate change New Mexico
40 San Juan Citizens Alliance https://www.sanjuancitizens.org/ San Juan Citizens Alliance advocates for clean air, pure water, and healthy lands – the foundations of resilient communities, ecosystems and economies in the San Juan Basin. New Mexico
41 Seventh Generation Institute http://www.seventh-generation.org/contact/ Promoting sustainable resource use, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, and ensuring an optimistic future for... New Mexico
42 Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter Global Warming, Water, Nuclear Waste https://www.riograndesierraclub.org/ “The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club, founded in 1963, is a volunteer-led organization representing more than 7,000 members in New Mexico and West Texas. Our mission to is to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. We prioritize actions that protect our climate, ensure clean air and water, and conserve wildlife and public lands in New Mexico and West Texas.” New Mexico
43 South Valley Partners in Environmental Justice New Mexico
44 Southwest Energy Efficiency Project http://www.swenergy.org/ “Saving money and protecting the environment by advancing energy efficiency and clean transportation in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming” New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
45 350 Santa Fe Clean Energy, Global Warming https://350santafe.org/ Working hard…… accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels as we collaborate, coordinate, complement and supplement climate crisis initiatives in Santa Fe,… with an emphasis on engaging the youth while :• supporting local legislative and election initiatives• identifying Drawdown Project implications for New Mexico• holding World Climate Simulation events in the Santa Fe Area• encouraging R&D, technology transfer and commercialization opportunities for climate crisis technologies and businesses• promoting Carbon Fee & Dividend proposals• championing the Green New Deal for New Mexico. Santa Fe
46 Citizens's Climate Lobby – Santa Fe Chapter Carbon Pricing https://citizensclimatelobby.org/chapters/NM_Santa_Fe/ “Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization seeking to create the political will for a stable, livable planet. Our chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world. We are working for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend, the climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say is the “best first step” to preventing the worst impacts of a warming world. Our market-based policy will drastically reduce emissions, create jobs, and support small businesses and families — all without growing government.” Santa Fe
47 Earth Care https://www.earthcarenm.org/ “Earth Care was founded in 2001 to educate and empower young people to create healthy, just, and sustainable communities. Our office is located in Santa Fe, NM and we provide programming for youth in Santa Fe and from surrounding Pueblos.” Santa Fe
48 Keep Santa Fe Beautiful http://keepsantafebeautiful.org/ Keep Santa Fe Beautiful (KSFB) is a nonprofit volunteer program dedicated to environmental education, litter awareness and prevention and beautification programs. Keep Santa Fe Beautiful and the City of Santa Fe’s corresponding program sponsor the annual Great American Cleanup in Spring and Toss No Mas Fall Cleanup days, the Adopt-a-Median program to landscape city street medians, the Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, and much more. Santa Fe
49 Santa Fe Forest Coalition Forestry http://www.santafeforestcoalition.org/ “The Santa Fe Forest Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2017 to educate the public on issues pertaining to forest and wildlife preservation on New Mexicos public and private lands. We are a coalition of organizations and individuals united in calling for a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be completed prior to any tree cutting and burning on forested public lands above Santa Fe. This environmental review must: first, recognize the lawful right of citizens to be fully informed participants in managing their lands; second, must evaluate a full range of alternatives, including those based on scientific opinion opposed to extensive vegetation clearing; and third disclose and evaluate all cumulative impacts on air quality from prescribed burning, the effects of mechanical treatments on water quality, soils and wildlife including stream sedimentation, soil erosion, displacement of wildlife, habitat modification and the spread of invasive weed species.“ Santa Fe
50 Santa Fe Watershed Association Water https://www.santafewatershed.org/ The mission of the Santa Fe Watershed Association is to protect and restore the health and vibrancy of the Santa Fe River and... Santa Fe
51 Sunrise Movement Santa Fe https://www.brightest.io/cause/sunrise-movement/activity/join-sunrise-movement-santa-fe/ “Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process through organizing, protest, and advocacy.
There are hundreds of ways to get involved with Sunrise, including volunteering with our local NYC hub, helping one of our support teams, or getting involved with the No Fossil Fuel Money Campaign.” Santa Fe
52 Wild Watershed http://www.santafeforestcoalition.org/about.php Member of Santa Fe Forest Coalition Santa Fe
53 YUCCA https://www.youthunited4climatecrisisaction.org/ "On behalf of all that we love and all that lives:​WE THE PEOPLE, THE YOUTH OF NORTHERN NEW MEXICO,Declare a climate emergency and call on the adults that love us and the government that claims to represent us - to join the call and take immediate action to save our futures and all life on earth." Santa Fe
54 Southwest Environmental Center Wildlife https://www.wildmesquite.org/ “Our vision is a world where all wild animals have a right to flourish, regardless of their utility to humans. Our mission is to protect wildlife and their habitats in the Southwest through grassroots advocacy, education and on-the-ground restoration projects.” Southwest
55 Renewable Taos Renewable Energy https://renewabletaos.org/ "Renewable Taos is dedicated to promoting and facilitating a full transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Taos County and our surrounding region.We advocate for local generation of renewable energy with an emphasis on local ownership. We build community partnerships to facilitate the transition to renewables, and propose and support projects. We recognize that energy efficiency is integral to the transition to renewable energy. We also work with other organizations to change the political climate in the state and country to facilitate the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency.” Taos
56 Western Environmental Law Center Law Firm https://westernlaw.org/ "We have a highly experienced team of attorneys and policy experts who work close to the ground from offices in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and New Mexico. As a public interest law firm, WELC does not charge clients and partners for services, but relies instead on charitable gifts from individuals, families, and foundations to accomplish our mission." Western States
57 Western Leaders Network https://www.westernleaders.org/ "We unite, support and cultivate pro-conservation local and tribal officials to protect western lands and build healthy, sustainable and resilient communities.Western Leaders Network brings together pro-conservation local leaders in the Interior West – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming." Western States
58 Western Resource Advocates https://westernresourceadvocates.org/ "Western Resource Advocates protects the West’s land, air and water to ensure that vibrant communities exist in balance with nature" Western States
59 Coalition Of Sustainable Communities NM https://www.coalitionscnm.org/ "Our members are local governments that represent geographically and culturally diverse cities, counties, and Native American pueblos, nations and tribes across New Mexico. Our members are committed to developing common understanding, aligning our interests, and working together to amplify our voices in order to create resilient, equitable and sustainable communities now and for the future."Founding members are the Cities of Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and the County of Santa Fe.Alan Webber chairs
60 New Mexico Wildlife Federation Wildlife https://nmwildlife.org/ Mission: “Inspiring New Mexicans to conserve public landscapes, watersheds, and wildlife for our children’s future.” New Mexico
61 WildEarth Guardians Wildlife https://wildearthguardians.org/ Mission: “WildEarth Guardians protects and restores the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health of the American West.” Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana. New Mexico, Oregon, Washington