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A collection of websites devoted to the environment and the climate crisis:

BBC Future Planet

Energy and the Environment - VOX

The Guardian:Environment

Job One for Humanity

"Global Climate Change, Vital Signs of the Planet" - NASA

"Climate" - NOAA - NOAA

National Centers for Environmental Information - NOAA

The New York Times:Climate and Environment

Rewiring America


The open power systems data platform site contains data sets on power generation, load profiles and other similar resources.

EIA Hourly Dashboard of National and regional Energy Usage

An example screen shot.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) GeoSpatial Data Sciences offers many tools, charts and visualizations of data for biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, marine & hydrokinetic, solar and wind. For example see:

Wind Prospector

An example screen shot.

The Permian Methane Analysis Project website offers has a rich collection of interactive maps where one can explore regional methane emissions by operator using surveys from 2020.

An example screen shot.

Permian Basin Methane Leaks are a problem for New Mexico and Texas.

Tools In Development

Climate Trace - Predicted to come in Summer 2021, the Climate TRACE coalition claims to be building a tool that will use artificial intelligence, satellite image processing, machine learning, and other remote sensing technologies to monitor worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The coalition aims to track human-caused emissions to specific sources in real time—independently and publicly.


Open Energy Information - Linked energy information on hundreds of topics crowdsourced from industry and government agencies.