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Solar, Wind and Batteries (SWB)

RethinkX, an independent think tank that analyzes and forecasts the speed and scale of technology-driven disruption and its implications across society, claim:

"Our analysis shows that 100% clean electricity from the combination of solar, wind, and batteries (SWB) is both physically possible and economically affordable across the entire continental United States as well as the overwhelming majority of other populated regions of the world by 2030. Adoption of SWB is growing exponentially worldwide and disruption is now inevitable because by 2030 they will offer the cheapest electricity option for most regions."

See their presentation video "Rethinking Energy 2020-2030: 100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning" and corresponding report "Rethinking Energy 2020-2030" published in October 2020.

Wind, Water and Solar (WWS) Project and Roadmaps

Global warming, air pollution, and energy insecurity are three of the greatest problems facing humanity. To address these problems, Jacobson et al have developed Green New Deal energy roadmaps for 143 countries. The roadmaps call for a 100% transition of all-purpose business-as-usual (BAU) energy to wind-water-solar (WWS) energy, efficiency, and storage by 2050 with at least 80% by 2030. Their studies on grid stability find that the countries, grouped into 24 regions, can match demand exactly from 2050 to 2052 with 100% WWS supply and storage. See the following articles:

"100% clean and renewable wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy roadmaps for the 50 United States" - Environmental Science - Mark Z. Jacobson et al - 27th May 2015
"Low-cost solution to the grid reliability problem with 100% penetration of intermittent wind, water, and solar for all purposes" - PNAS - Mark Z. Jacobson et al - December 8, 2015

Rebuttal to Jacobson

"Evaluation of a proposal for reliable low-cost grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar" - PNAS - Christopher Clack et al - June 19, 2017


"100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World" - Stanford University - Mark Z. Jacobson et al - Sept 6, 2017

Updated December 20, 2019

"Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries" - One Earth - Mark Z. Jacobson et al - Dec 20, 2019

Solar Power and Microgrid Integration

Ziegler Power Systems offers a variety of renewable energy and microgrid solutions, including photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, energy storage, and microgrid controllers. These blended, efficient solar power solutions help deliver reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy for customers and the businesses and communities they serve. See:

Solar Power and Microgrid Solutions

Optimizing Distributed Energy Systems

“Optimal Sizing of Distributed Energy Resources for 100% Renewable Planning” unpublished paper Copp/Nguyen/Thomson, Byrne, Chalamala – 2019

Stanford University’s The Solutions Project

Stanford University’s The Solutions Project has detailed plans for converting every US state to 100% clean energy. Additional details are available for many cities.

“Explore our interactive map to see what 100% renewable energy could look like where you live in the year 2050.”