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Governor’s Office

Some good news in New Mexico is Governor MLG’s 2019, third executive order on climate that established the NM State Climate Task Force.

2021 Session Priority Bills

Our priority energy and climate bills are listed on our website.

2020 Session


HM 9 - State Renewable Investment Plan

HM9 - The 'State Renewable Investment plan' directed the NM State Investment Council to create a plan to invest part of its $28 billion dollar state investment fund into New Mexico renewable energy projects. This could include loans, financing or equity in renewable energy generation, storage or transmission, and economically targeted investment to place infrastructure on State Land and Native American land.

SM 63 - Community Solar Working Group

SM 63 - Requests the legislature to form a working group to review statewide community solar initiatives and develop recommendations that result in a sustainable and scalable market-based program for the state of New Mexico.

HB 166 - Healthy Soil Program Funding

HB 166 - Provides for an increase of $300,000 in the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s (NMDA) budget for the 2019-HB 204 Healthy Soil Program.

HB 233 - Energy Grid Modernization Roadmap

HB233 - Passed in 2020 Short Session this bill funds initiatives via grants to suitable institutions in an effort to create a New Mexico energy roadmap.

SB 29 - Solar Market Development Tax Credit

SB 29 - Provides tax credits for consumers installing solar power with low-income individuals receiving double the amount of the tax credit.

Not Passed

HB9 / SB80 Community Solar Act - Authorizes creation of community owned solar facility of up to 5MW.

HB99 - Renewable Energy Investment Policy Funding - Would provide auxiliary funding for HM9 State Renewable Investment Plan program. The State Investment Council also has the ability to fund the program without legislation.

HB173 - Gas Taxes, New Funds & Distributions - Impose surtaxes on gasoline and special fuels and devote the proceeds equally to the state road fund, to a new clean infrastructure fund, and to a new gas surtax low-income rebate fund. It's being called "The Next Generation Transportation Act"!

HB201 - Energy Storage System Tax Credit Changes - Would provide tax credits to individuals who purchase renewable energy storage systems.

HB 217 / SB 2 - Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit - Provides a tax credit of $2500 when a tax payer purchases an electric vehicle. For individuals earning under $50,000 and families under $75,000 the credit is $5000.

HB 313 - Car Charging Station Tax Credit - HB 313 would allow a taxpayer who installs and places in service a public motor vehicle charging station in calendar years 2020 and 2021 to apply for a credit of up to seventy-five percent of the cost of the motor vehicle charging station against the taxpayer's tax liability. The total amount of HB 313 credits to be issued by the state is $25 million.

SB 114 - Community Energy Efficiency Development Grant - This is another of the excellent new energy bills for which we will be advocating strongly. SB 114 would provide funding to counties to make energy efficiency measures available in low-income households.

2019 Session

SB489 - The NM Energy Transition Act

The Passing

NM Energy Transition Act SB 489, was signed by governor MLG March 22, 2019


which states that NM will be:

  • 50% carbon-free electricity by 2030
  • 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045 (same as CA and Hawaii)


NEE et al filed suit in NM Supreme Court on 8/26/19 challenging parts that they perceived as unconstitutional (Aug/2019), see NEE’s announcement at:

NEE Challenge

and the MM Supreme Court writ at:

Case No: S-1-SC-37875

The NM Supreme Court refused to hear this writ. NEE continues to campaign to ‘restore’ power to the PRC to regulate PNM. Other NM Supreme Court efforts are still in progress.

What is the ETA?

High Country News called the ETA a mini-Green New Deal in this thorough reporting:

"New Mexico’s ‘mini’ Green New Deal, dissected" - Jonathan Thompson - March 25, 2019

Western Resource Advocates explains what’s in the act and it’s benefits in their on-line article at:

"The Energy Transition Act Makes New Mexico a National Leader in Clean Energy" - Maria Nájera - March 7, 2019